Project Management Services

project management life cycleI can help you plan and manage your projects from start to finish using techniques from various disciplines (e.g., meeting facilitation, change management, and business process redesign) as well as the practices supported by the Project Management Institute. Such practices include:

  • Scope - managing project expectations
  • Time/Schedule - managing level of effort required and period of performance
  • Cost - managing direct and indirect labor and non-labor costs
  • Quality - ensuring the project deliverables are what they should be
  • Human Resources - coordinating the appropriate mix of labor skills
  • Communications - establishing processes to ensure all aspects of project performance coordinate with each other accordingly
  • Risk - identifying risks and planning response and control options
  • Procurement - managing the acquisition of sub-contractors and non-labor materials
  • And, the integration of each into a project plan

Services can be provided on an hourly basis or by the project. Whatever fits your needs.