SEPG Training Management Database

As an employee of TRW on the FAA-ASD/SETA project, I supported the FAA Software Engineering Process Group responsible for training FAA employees in software engineering to support software engineering process improvement by offering software engineering courses to the FAA that support the CMM. The coordination and reporting requirements were such that a database was required to stay on schedule and ensure quality support.

I designed, developed, implemented, and maintained the SEPG Training Management Database for the FAA. The database supported each of the SEPG training support goals:

  • Establish a set of learning objectives to meet the mission.
  • Select a series of courses that meet the learning objectives.
  • Offer and deliver the courses to the FAA, their contract support, and SEPG partners.
  • Establish a repository of employees trained in software engineering.
  • Measure the usefulness of the courses.
  • Maximize the correlation between learning objectives and course objectives.

The opening screen provided a database map illustrating the relationships and requirements for each data set. This effort gave me the experience I needed to create WEMS for George Mason University.

Federal Aviation Administration
Database Designer, Developer, Implementor