Probation Officer's Safety Course

The client requested comprehensive officer safety training for Federal Probation and Pretrial Service Officers. The deliverables developed were:

  • Safety Training Resource Guide For Federal Probation and Pretrial Service Officers
  • Basic Safety Course
  • Officer Safety Train-the-trainer Course

The Safety Training Resource Guide presented safety in three phases: before contact, during contact, and after contact. The guide covered three types of actions an officer can take to promote safety on the job: contact procedures, personal techniques, and safety decisions.

The basic course was designed to provide participants with the enhanced ability to safely handle interaction between themselves, the Defendants/Offenders and/or the contact environment. The course instructed the participants how to use the "Officer Safety Handbook" as a reference in the support of officers’ daily safety related responsibilities.

The Officer Safety Train-the-trainer Course was designed to provide the participants with a basic safety course that can be presented as is or adjusted to meet specific district needs. As well as a demonstration of how this course was designed to be presented and insights into the design and content of the instructional materials.

PEC, Inc.
Instructional Designer and Developer