Principles of Technology Management Course

The purpose of this course was to introduce aspects of AV technology management organizations responsible for providing technology services. It was designed for those who are not familiar with AV/IT technology management and need an introduction. It covers basic management tasks, customer service tasks, and AV/IT technology basics.

The goals of this course were:

  • Present an overview of AV technology management
  • Help you distinguish between what you already know about technology management and what you still need to learn
  • Provide you with insight into roles and responsibilities associated with AV technology management

Using my own experience, subject matter expert interviews, and basic research, I was responsible for creating the content that would be published to the web by ICIA. There were 12 sections whose topics included:

  • Customer Service in a Technology Organization
  • Communicating in a Technology-based Environment
  • Typical AV Technology Customer Service Requests
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Introduction to Technology Management Systems
  • Introduction to the Role of an AV Technology Manager
InfoComm International
Instructional Designer and Developer