Planning Drupal Sites - Resource and Training Site

The content in this site is now a Wiley/Wrox book. Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites

How do you make the default installation of Drupal into what you want? How do you know which modules you will need? How do you organize your content? How do you get your content into your site? How do you sustain a Drupal site?

This book helps you define what you want for your Drupal site, making it easier to do things like

  • Identify which modules you will need and why
  • Determine how to organize your content to meet your needs
  • Define the best method for getting your content into your site
  • Plan how to grow and change your site over time

Although the strategies that are covered in this book can be used to make decisions about any kind of website (simple HTML site or a site built with a content management system), examples, insights, and tips will focus on Drupal.

“The flexibility of the [Drupal] system means it’s important to think through the best way to accomplish what you want before diving in ” and that’s what this book in about.

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