Online Database Workshops

As the Webmaster for the Instructional Resource Center at George Mason University, I designed, developed, and delivered two introductory workshops on online databases.

At the time these were created, faculty and staff were starting to see the advantages of putting data online via a database. GMU was not prepared to allow all faculty and staff to create database driven dynamic websites. In an effort to help GMU and its faculty and staff decide how to proceed, I presented:

  • The Database Big Picture Checklist
    • What is a database
    • Why use a database on the web
    • How to put a database on the web
    • Where to put it
    • Who should put it
    • Where should development occur
    • When can secure data be posted
  • Databases and Web Technologies, A Decision Making Process
    • Pros and cons to various combinations of:
      • Development Tools
      • Process/Compile Technology
      • Data Storage Applications
    • Introduction to possible starting points for further discussion

My experience planning and building WEMS and training department webmasters on the web server options on campus gave me specific insight to the immediate needs of faculty and staff as well as the future of the web.

George Mason University
Instructional Designer, Developer, Instructor, and SME