Frontpage Workshop Series

As a Senior Instructional Designer for the Instructional Resource Center at George Mason University, I designed, developed, and delivered the following Frontpage 2000 workshop series:

  • Introducing FP
    • Basic Definitions
    • What is Front Page 2000
    • Advantages and disadvantages of FP
    • Who should use Front Page
    • How to get Front Page on your computer,
    • What resources are available at GMU for learning Front Page
  • Beginning FrontPage 2000
    • Create an HTML page using FrontPage 2000
    • Use the various properties and menus found in FrontPage 2000
    • Link pages and websites
  • Intermediate Frontpage 2000
    • Set up a Frontpage 2000 Web
    • Access and explore FP2000 Views
    • Implement shared borders, themes, and navigation bars
    • Create and implement a FP Include Page
    • Import an existing web or web page into a FP Web
    • Locate the publishing tool and decide if using the tool is appropriate
  • Advanced Frontpage 2000 - CSS
    • Define Cascading Style Sheets
    • Add CSS to a Frontpage Page
    • Add CSS to a Frontpage Web
  • Advanced Frontpage 2000 - Site Search
    • Define Search Tools
    • Add the Frontpage site search tool
  • Advanced Frontpage 2000 - Data Collection
    • Define data collection on the Internet
    • Identify data collection options
    • Option 1 - Send data to a webpage
    • Option 2 - Send data to an email
    • Option 3 - Send data to database
George Mason University
Instructional Designer, Developer, Instructor, and SME