Electronic Information Management System Evaluation

The Vice President Information Technology for a major chemical company commissioned a study from Work Smart, Incorporated to conduct a concept study on the implementation and use of an electronic record and document management system (R&DMS) at the company's headquarters. The study would consist of the data collection, document analysis, and conceptual design/architecture phases of Work Smart’s methodology. There are two questions being answered in this study:

  • Would a records and document management system (R&DMS) be of value to the company?
  • Would the company benefit from other electronic information management systems?

My role was to review 21 departments (or 36 functions) to determine if they were potential users of and would benefit from an R&DMS. I created an evaluation methodology that assessed the degree to which a department or function may need an electronic information management system. The report included:

  • Data collection phase - brief explanation of the data collection process and the data sources used in the analysis
  • Document value analysis - value analysis methodology and findings
  • Conceptual design/architecture phase - value proposition of a paper versus electronic system, draft guidelines or policy for electronic records/document management, and a roadmap with milestones for the overall transition to electronic document management

Work Smart, Incorporated
Business Consultant