Cindy McCourt DBA IDCM Innovations

Cindy McCourtI am Cindy McCourt doing business as IDCM Innovations; helping you Imagine, Design, Create, and Manage your web and instructional projects.

Education and Training


  • Masters of Education, George Mason University, 2000, Instructional Technology
  • Math Courses, Northern Virginia Community College, 1991 - 1993
  • B.S. Business, Virginia Tech, 1984, Majors in Finance and Marketing

Professional Development

Below is a list of professional development events in which I have participated. The scope of my technology skills is not limited to what is listed here. I am self-taught in many technologies. Please see Instructional D3 for more information.

Project Management Training:

  • Information Systems Project Management by Padgett-Thompson
  • Performance Measurement Information System
  • Managing for Productivity by Organizational Dynamics
  • Introduction to Costpoint Seminar, Deltek
  • Price H, HL, M, S Models, Price Systems
  • Project Planning and Control Systems Staff Training
  • CAS/FAR/CAS Disclosure Statement Course

Communication and Human Resources Training:

  • Communication Dynamics of Men and Women
  • Communication and Counseling
  • Making an Impact: Women in Organizations
  • Managing Personal Growth
  • Employee Relations

Technical Training:

  • Drupal Deep Dive into Module Development by Lullabot
  • Drupal Module Development by Zivtech
  • PHP for Drupal by Zivtech
  • PHP and MYSQL Training by Webucator
  • Articulate Presenter, Engage, QuizMaker
  • Maximizer Customer Relationship Management System
  • SCORM Briefings by Carneige Melon and Advanced Distributed Learning
  • Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev, Westlake Internet Training
  • Introduction to ASP for New Programmers, Westlake Internet Training
  • Fast Track to Cold Fusion, Fig Leaf Software (1999)
  • JavaScript for New Programmers, Westlake Internet Training
  • MA Access I, II, and III, Computer Instructors Corporation
  • Networking: Introduction, NVCC Continuing Education
  • Courses/lessons in the following:
    • Toolbook
    • Authorware
    • Hypercard
    • Photoshop
    • 'C'
    • BASICA

Presentation, Design and Planning Training:

  • Instructional Design for New Designers Workshop by Langevin Learning Services
  • WebCT Train-the-trainer by WebCT
  • Microsoft Mentor Program Training by Microsoft
  • Powerful Business Writing Skills by National Seminars Group
  • TQM Tools and Techniques
  • Continuous Improvement Process - Benchmarking, Measurement, Awareness, Process Analysis, and Tools and Techniques
  • Train-the-trainer by TRW
  • Graphic Facilitation by Sibbet and the Grove Consultants International
  • Presentation Skills by CQ Enterprises, Inc.
  • Presentations Skills, Employee Relations

Client and Employer List

IDCM Innovations' clients:

Past Employers:

Before and after becoming a consultant, I worked for the following:

  • Graduate School of Education, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia - Adjunct Professor
  • Virginia Theological Seminary - Blackboard Administrator and Instructional Designer
  • PEC Solutions, Fairfax, Virginia - Instructional Designer
  • George Mason University - Instructional Resource Center - Instructional Designer and Technologist
  • Northern Virginia Community College - Adjunct Professor
  • Avalon Integrated Services, Arlington, Virginia - Information Architect
  • KC Resources, Cabin John, Maryland - Operations Manager
  • TRW, Inc. (Now known as Northrop Grumman), Reston, Virginia - Various postions

Client Feedback

Occasionally, a client will provide feedback. Here are a few.

“Cindy is superb. I can't speak highly enough of her. She's a process engineer who understands how to move Web architecture and Web design projects from start to finish in a way that fits your needs and budget. She creates a terrific final product and trains staff to manage them after she leaves. She has deep content knowledge, but is always experimenting and learning ways that best fit customer's needs. She's professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend Cindy McCourt.”
Lynn Wilner, Senior Research Scientist, The George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education, May 27, 2009

"I've just completed teaching my first PittOnline course for CGS, Sociology 0010, Introduction to Sociology. With Cindy's skilled guidance, the course was met with great enthusiasm from the students. The success of the course certainly exceeded my own expectations of a virtual classroom."
Peggy Lovell, Sociology Instructor, University of Pittsburgh, April 28, 2009

“Cindy McCourt is an incredible instructional designer and systems thinker. I have worked on numerous projects in my career and I must say that Cindy exhibits an extremely rare blend of talents: creative thinker, process implementer and to boot -- she can keep all parties on task and deliver an on time project within or under budget. Should you need more specifics regarding Cindy's qualifications please don't hesitate to contact me.”
Jerry Rhead, Director, Strategy & Advisory Services - MSU Global, April 18, 2008

“Cindy joined a multi-unit implementation team I co-led for a new administrative service at MSU. Her ability to learn and transfer that understanding to others involved was critical to our project. Cindy was diligent and detail oriented, a key author of hundreds of pages of explanation and analysis. Her work helped us to absorb changes from the vendor and advocate our needs as part of a software development partnership that straddled our organization and the vendor. Cindy was direct and assertive which helped us to overcome misconceptions and come to clear design decisions in the face of uncertainty and myriad options.”
Brendan Guenther, Assistant Director - vuDAT , Michigan State University, March 31, 2008

“LinkedIn asks recommenders to "choose three attributes that best provide this service provider." I would say that all of them apply to Cindy's work in my experience. Cindy has excellent skills in a diversity of areas, and she has always done reliably excellent work on every project which I've asked her to work on.”
John Sener, Founder, Sener Learning Services and Higher Education Consultant, March 23, 2008

“Cindy's experience in IT, instructional design and higher education makes her extremely valuable. Her work is superior. I highly recommend Cindy.”
Karen Vignare, Director, MSU Global, March 22, 2008

“Cindy and I worked together on TRW's FAA AUA and VSCS SETA program in support of the FAA during the period 1987-1997. During this period, Cindy transitioned from business and cost manager to senior analyst, eventually becoming involved in database design and process analysis as her skills and experience grew. Strongly recommended for her drive and determination and her obvious willingness to challenge herself.”
Harry Erwin, Senior Software Systems Engineer, TRW, March 22, 2008

"All of your expertise, planning and knowledge shine in these learning modules, Cindy. Congratulations on such a fine outcome!"
Pat Lambert, Assistant to the Dean of International Studies & Programs at MSU, 2007

"Thank you for the excellent training you provided to the ACPS instructional technology team. Your workshop, Principles & Practices of Adult Training, was well-organized, expertly paced, and relevant to participants' professional development needs."
Alexandria City Public Schools Technology Coordinator 2003

“I thought the workshop, Tips for Connecting Your Course to the Internet, that you led on Monday was great. I found it to be informative, well organized and presented in a lively, easy to understand manner. I hope to take more workshops with you in the future.”
Jessica Cogen at Mason, May 17, 2001

“Outstanding Instructor – She really knew her business explaining everything. Best one in the group. Thank You!”
Participant in the Joint Application Design Course, 2001

“Cindy, I noticed that you’ve made some nice changes to the [IT] training page…Thanks for the wonderful effort you’ve put in on this. This will be a great tool for our customers.”
Anne Agee, Executive Director, DoIIIT at Mason, February 23, 2000.

“Great workshop [Cindy]…you have an excellent presentation style…looking forward to the next one, where we can learn the “how to do it”….”
Mark A. Spikell, Graduate School of Education at Mason, February 9, 2000.

“Cindy was great. She manages to guide diverse people through quite a bit of material.”
Participant from a technology workshop at Mason, 2000.

“Cindy McCourt in the IRC provided absolutely superb help to me in building the self-study web site. I literally couldn’t have done it without her, and she made the product infinitely better. You’ll see an official announcement of the web site in the self-study newsletter (coming out early next week), and I hope you and the other good eggs will give me advice on how to make it better. Cindy was great. She manages to guide diverse people through quite a bit of material.”
Wendy E. Payton, Office of the Provost at Mason, August 18, 1999.

“Hi Cindy, Many thanks for all your hard work. Your hard work has been deeply appreciated not only by our students but especially from the faculty. I only wished we had included that type of “hands on”activity in our two previous IET classes (1998 &1999)!!! … Thanks again for a great job!”
Jorge P. Osterling, GMU - GSE - IET, August 3, 1999.

“Cindy, the success of the subject meeting is directly attributed to your ability to deal with a myriad of technically complex issues and mixed personalities. Our number one goal was that of agreement on Phase I baseline functional requirements. Without your assistance, this goal would not have been met. Your excellence in the facilitation of the outcome, patients, and dedicated drive toward achievement to that end is commendable. You are a credit to your organization.”
FAA-AIT Management 1996