A View of Training and Education Delivery

I believe that a successful training event depends on several success factors. Three primary success factors include:

  • The design of the instructional materials and activities.
  • The procedures and techniques used during the delivery of the training.
  • The delivery skills of the instructor.

ADDIE Model with a twistAssuming the instructional materials and activities are at their best, the delivery procedures and techniques fall in the implementation step of the instructional design model, as shown to the right: prepare, deliver, evaluate, and improve. These procedures assume some level of instructor-to-learner interaction.

However, perfect linear processes seldom prevail. In reality, the process looks more like this:

In the end, if you take the same instructional materials, give them to two different instructors, the instructor with strong delivery skills in the areas of communication, facilitation, leadership, presentation, and teaching will get the best results.